Copper, Natalie, and Dylan

I am a new member to the forum. I am also a District Coordinator and State Screener for Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT). I share my home with three basenjis – Copper, Natalie, and Dylan -- all of whom are rescues. (Two from BRAT and one via


they are so cute! cant wait for more pics.. i have a rescue from BRAT and Bmix rescue from petfinder! welcome!!

Yeah! You joined! 🙂 You will like it here!

What a pretty looking trio! Welcome!


Welcome…love the picture of the pups! Thanks to you for helping those in need!

Welcome to the group and good looking dogs!

Welcome!! You're three are to cute!

Hello and welcome to the forum!! Hollie & I will see ya on Dogster… basenji bratz!!!

Welcome JR!

Welcome, nice Trio you have…......thanks for joining us.:)

Such lovely babies! Welcome to the forum 🙂

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