Basenji of the Week (12-19 Jan 07) - Bitsy in Pennsylvania

  • **I was going to wait until Sunday to post her, but Bitsy is just to cute. She has been with BRAT for quite awhile.

    Meet Sweet little petite Bitsy**

    Mini Bio About Bitsy

    Bitsy is 3yrs old and a small girl at 14 pounds. She was turned over to BRAT by the SPCA. She lives with 6 other dogs and gets along with them very well. This is a very happy dog, that by her BRAT profile seems to just love life.

    Bitsy does have Fanconi, great thing for her is that it was caught early and she has had no kidney damage from it and all her blood work is great. She is on the Fanconi protocol, and takes her bicards and supplements with ease. Basenjis with Fanconi can live a long, normal lifespan, if caught early and kept on the Fanconi protocol. The Fanconi protocol looks overwhelming to read but it is easy to administer once you get the hang of it.**

    **Here is Bitsy's BRAT page.

    If you are looking for a sweet well rounded basenji that gets along with everyone and thing, please consider adding Bitsy to your family.**

  • I just think Bitsy is the cutest little girl! If Stormie weren't so other dog (especially smaller dogs) aggressive, I'd love to adopt her! I hope she finds her perfect furever home!

  • Bitsy is a great dog. Judy brought her to visit us when we were looking to adopt. She was one of the "test dogs" to see if Deke would get along with two girls. I would have loved to keep her..she was great with my kids and Deke but we were working on getting two "olders" that also really needed homes.

  • Why don't I own a farm with 100 acres 😞 So I can take all the Bs that need loving homes…this really pulls on my heart strings 😞

    She is too adorable for words 🙂 I pray she finds a home soon!!!

  • Very cute..this is wonderful these type of postings.
    I look forward to a happy ending story soon!

  • She is so cute! I've seen her on BRAT for a long time.. I hope she finds a good home soon! I wish I could add another..

  • This type of venue will help new folks see that all dogs aren't "perfect" but we love them anyway.
    I so hope she is rehomed soon.

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