• I have to tell you that one of the million's of things I absolutly love about out new girl is the fact that she baroos. This morning she was sleeping in the living room and let out two loud baroos. I jumped out of bed with a smile eventhough it was only 4am but how i love the sound of that! I didn't go see what was going on but just opened the bedroom door and whistled for her but instead Champ comes running in the room begging to be let into bed with us. She didn't even come so I'm imagining it was a dream. Don't you just love that singing. Now she's teaching our boy to do it too and sometimes he'll even join in on our baroo song:p

  • I love to hear Hollie Baroooooo. We call it her Happy Noise. She baroos certain people and ALL people if they have a bag of food with them!!! She baroooos complete strangers at playdates… so funny!!

  • Your so lucky, I love Barooos , but get little to none.

  • I have had just about 2-3 night baroos, he doesnt even wake up.
    And I love them, even though it scared me the first time.
    Squiggy is pretty much mute and will do a low soft rooo that sounds more like rerrrrr about once a month when he is really excited.
    But he does the "yawn-ie" noise all the time, so I take what I can get:D

    My mom's B is so vocal! infact she always comments on the fact that these are suppose to be the barkless dogs…. barkless is not silent :p

  • lol they are not silent. My girl is so vocal..she makes noise all the time. Just this morning she did something like a squirrel sound. My boy is less verbal but he's picking it up from his sis.

  • Athena doesn't baroo that often, but it's usually when someone she is excited to see comes home. Or she feels we haven't given her sufficient attention.

    She 'grumbles' a lot though, sort of rumbly chat with herself or whoever she is talking to. She had a ball that made noise when it rolled and she chatted back at it 'rrra rrra ya'. Pretty funny.

    She makes this real pitiful high squeak when she feels like she has been in her crate too long. Arrr? Arrrr you going to let me out?

  • I really tried to video my daily routine when I get home after work letting out all the dogs…..but the video feature on my digital camera needs a lot of light or it's hard to get a good picture.

    All seven dogs in their crates, with at least two or three of them barooing their fool head off. The head female just grumbles at everyone as she's let out of her crate and the Terrier mix is just shreiking with excitement!

    Aside from the Baroo's, Willy and Penny make a sound that sounds very much like a chimp........crazy dogs!

    It just kills me when people say, I'd love those dogs, they don't make noise like mine do. Oh yeah?????:D

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