Additional pics of Dakota

Here are some better pictures of our new shelter dog that we think may have some basenji in her. Thank you for letting me share. I tried capturing some of the wrinkles on her face but the camera washes them out.

She is cute, but don't think any Basenji… many dogs have wrinkles on their forheads....

Any guesses as to what she may be?

To me Dakato looks like he may have some Basenji, small amount. Does he act like a Basenji, and does he bark? Anyone else see B in him?

She is not a barker but does make noises kind of like purring sounds. I have heard her bark once or twice so I know she has a voice but it is very rare to hear it. She is extremely playful, alert and demanding she likes to bite/ chew everything and loves to find socks and bring them to us. She is smart and quick and a good jumper. She loves climbing on furniture. She cleans herself all the time (almost cat like). But I think her size and weight are already what a full grown basenji would be but she is only 5 months old.
I know she is not pure bred by any means but I do see some basenji in her.

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