• I now have 2 Basenji's, yikes. And boy have I fallen for them. They are just the best!!!!! I would love to attend a Basenji meetup. The photo's y'all have here are great, looks like a fantastic time. I think they and I would really enjoy it. When is the next one, are they scheduled, and how do I found out about them?? I am new to this, can anyone help??

    Looking forward to meeting other Basenji parents. Most people dont understand Basenji's as we do. (haha)

  • Yes here is there link that I use:http://basenji.meetup.com/5/events/survey/?eventId=5809550

    hope it helps. Unfortunantly the couple that started the group just lost there little boy Lazer due to an illness that causes severe diarrhea and dehydration. I actually received the message this morning. Very sad. I'm not sure if the meet up will go as scheduled but it is supposed to be for the second sat. of every month.

  • Just wanted to let you know, we will be taking Champ to the meetup this Sat. in hopes that other B's will also be there. Hopefully you can make it so that our furry kids can play.

  • Welcome Sam!!

  • O.k so good news, the meeting will be held this sat after all but at a different location. Did you check the site Sam?

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