• As much as I love my little boys, there are those times that I would like to pull my hair out.

    This frustrating time typically is in the moments before I run out of the house for work.

    I kennel the boys when I dont take them to work with me.

    Well, Caesar has been trained by himself to run under the dining table at the momen he hears the beep of the TV turn off or based on the time I leave in the morning.

    He moves around under the table so that I can't reach him and I get really MAD.

    Anyone else have those moments where you want to scream? Just Friday I guess, I would rather be at the beach right now!

  • Yes when I've noticed Champ has one of my shoes, clothes, etc and I have to chase him around the table and then he makes a break for it under the bed and I hear him tearing whatever he has apart. If I get desperate I take out the treats and bribe the little brat to drop whatever he has.

  • I feel for you.

    I can't talk on the phone with them around, they hate it when I use the phone. They always act up. They are like 2yr olds who never grow up.

  • Yes he is an attentionaddict. If I'm trying to exercise he either scratches my head, pulls my hair or trys to lay right on my mat and gets in my way. When my daughter tries doing her homework on the sofa, he'll pull on her books, bite the pages, corners, or paws at them to knock them down.

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