• I love agility, I have always wanted to do it but my dogs were mixes and there is only AKC agility in my area. now that I have Kiora I would love to do agility with her…I think that she could do well. She is very intelligent and learns fast...in the 12 days i have had her she has learned: Her name, loose lead walking, come, off, quit, sit, inside, outside, kennel up, and is learning heel, stand, relax, and watch me. agility is fast paced and has lots of variation to keep even a very independent dog interested. Do you think that she would make a good agility dog? She is unregistered acording to her former owner...but I am planning to get her ILPed after she is fixed.

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    Yes, there are quite a few people competing in all levels of agility with basenjis right now. You need to be ready to be humbled in the ring occasionally, and have the ability to laugh and hug your dog when they totally embarrass you...but in general basenjis seem to love the sport, even if they often choose to do the exercises in their own creative order!
    Good luck...she sounds like a great dog!

  • The two I have started in agility and my mom's basenji all love agility. But Andrea is right, patience and a sense of humor are a must when working a basenji in agility. We are just starting to run sequences off lead with our dogs and already, Rally tries to extend some of her courses to include her favorite obstacles even if they weren't part of the sequence. On the bright side, I don't feel too bad since my instructors youngest whippet that she works in our class occassionally gets the same ideas.


  • On the bright side, I don't feel too bad since my instructors youngest whippet that she works in our class occassionally gets the same ideas.

    lol,lol. I have a friend who's whippet is like that as well…or used to be at least...she has matured considerably. But I will never forget some very memorable runs where she had a lot of fun on the course and off while I watched from a distance so as not to be a distraction. Well let it never be said that she doesn't have a fantastic recall though...:p

    Yes I can imagine that Kiora might be the same way...but that is O.K...after all agility is a sport that is not only work but play as well...and who can play without having some fun?:D

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    I just started mica on Rally I- we are into the second week - we are learning left turn - right turn - front - weave between cones and it is alot of fun. I did not use clicker training before this dog training class but mica catches on very easily - after I took a private class with her on clicker training. I also found out you can do rally I with non-akc dogs also for competition which makes me happy, too. Mica likes to be sociable with all the other dogs (only three others) at the class - so sometimes she wants to say hello hello to everyone, including the trainer. But when she concentrates, she does quite well. It takes work and practice. The only thing is the dog school seems too serious, sometimes, but since I want to work with her, I will work through this class.

    BaMicas mom

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