• Robin, who will be 13 in January, has proteinuria. Vet suggested feeding him vegetables in addition to his usual diet. He's always liked vegetables so I thought this would not be a problem but being lazy I didn't want to go through extensive preparation. Frozen bag (family size) of broccoli florets, pick one or two out of the bag and just put them in with his regular food and you would thing it's the best treat I've ever given him. He just takes the florets out and chows down on them. The diet seems to work and I hope this helps with others who might have the same issues.

  • For veggies I use raw broccoli and cauliflower in the bags, steam them in our steamer and it is enough for the 2 for 4 or more days mixed with their regular kibble. Mine prefer steamed rather than frozen, that said they love frozen french fries...LOL

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