Street Racers and other frightening noises

  • I've recently noticed that "doodle Bug" seems insecure when a thunder and/or lightning storms pass through our area. Nothing dramatic, she comes to where I am and quietly lays nearby for "moral support". But yesterday on our walk we had 4 or 5 street racers fly down the road one after the other. Engines revving, with loud throttles, and no real care for the speed limit. Kids out having fun, I get it. doodle didn't.

    It scared her. She was erratically charging off different directions and absolutely frantic. When they passed, she remained on high alert. I can only imagine that doodle could still hear them and had serious concerns that they would return. Eventually the kids moved their road race to a different section with fewer traffic rules. doodle remained wary, but relaxed once I had her in a "heel" position and fixed her attention on me and our walking pace. I'm grateful that doodle was secured on a leash, who knows how much danger she would have been in darting to and fro in a panic....

    Has anyone ever experienced this? or have advice on how to handle situations like this? I'd really like to be better prepared for "next time"!

  • In my experience it is best to be as "matter of fact" as possible. If you put too much weight on it, trying to reassure her, you will likely convince her that it really is something to be afraid of. OTOH, if you are cheerful, and act and sound like it "Oh, here come those noisy idiots again. Never mind!" and if possible just keep walking with a cheerful "Let's go" she may find them less threatening. I like to give my animals a "heads up" when possible, not just dogs but horses. My first horse was afraid of dump trucks, and would shy and jump into the ditch when one came by. I fixed it by telling him when I saw one in the distance, and did some angry cursing about the idiots driving them. Steadied me and cured him, to the point where he became quite nonchalant about it. If you are apprehensive she will read you and be more upset, so try to control your emotions as much as possible. Singing works for me!

  • @elbrant Yes. I had one who hated 5th November and heavy lorries on the motorway. But Rescue Remedy dropped into the side of his mouth (they hate it !) worked wonders.

    Otherwise, @eeeefarm has the right of it. Don't over-react, laugh at the silly people making that stupid noise and let Doodle see you don't mind it and find it a joke.

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