• Cushing's have a uccr done. Two days in a row collect first am urine.

  • @westcoastflea1 - Also important to have Fanconi DNA testing done. It is easy and cheap considering..... Should be done asap. Also your vet can check to see if she is spilling sugar in her urine. Did the blood work up show anything?

  • @tanza thank you so much fir that information. I will order it today!

  • @tanza also, I did have her blood work done for glucose but it came back normal. I don’t know who her breeder is since I rescued her from a neighbor who passed away unexpectedly.

  • @dogo-0 - Blood work will only show sugar in the blood ie: Diabetes. It is sugar in the urine only for Fanconi. Not all Vet still don't understand about Fanconi and even more these days since we have a DNA test and have for many years now. If your vet is not familiar with Fanconi you can give this to them. https://www.basenji.org/ClubDocs/Fanconi-Protocol-2015.pdf

  • @dogo-0 - Just checking did you order the DNA Fanconi test?

  • @tanza yes I sent it in last week. Thank you! The vet is going to do an ultrasound next week.

  • @tanza there is no sugar in her urine.

  • Sydrome[0_1630879891026_Fanconi-Protocol-Feb-2016.pdf](Enviando 100%)

    @dogo-0 Hi,
    Astoria may have Fanconi. I have a basenji, Lacan, with the same symptoms (polyuria and polydipsis), as I had already read about Fanconi syndrome, I went straight to the vet and had the tests that confirmed the diagnosis. You don't need to do the DNA test anymore, because Astoria already has the symptoms, you just need to confirm it, unfortunately I have to say that. I have attached Dr. Gonto's protocol, which is on the Basenjis Companions website, which is what we should do, with the assistance of a vet who reads the protocol! The sooner we start, the better results, because we can avoid getting worse, since the syndrome has no cure, but we can help our dear Basenjis to live longer and regular lives.
    i hope you have already found a vet to help you.
    Please read the file with the protocol that will clarify a lot of things for you. Dr Gonto is an american doctor and everyone says he is open to vet contacts. His protocol has been used for about 30 years and i recently read a masters thesis on fanconi and the use of the protocol - she concludes that it is the best, in fact, the only treatment that works.
    We started the treatment 1 or 2 months ago, then we will do new tests to see how the treatment is going and regulate the dose of bicarbonate tabs. I wish you good luck, patience and much love to do the best you can.

  • We just went through this with Cara. It was very frustrating because I asked them to check for diabetes insipidous and Cushing's and he did every test he could think of and then finally did the ones I asked for and she does have diabetes and D.I. (We have a year insurance with the vet..it wasn't greed...it was arrogance toward owners knowing anhthing.). The pill immediately took care of the thirst in peeing in the house, but she was starving on the lower calorie and fat food we switch her to due to other blood work issues and Pam had me give
    her potatoes, and sure enough 1⁄2 a potato twice a day and she isn't starving and is it doing great.

  • @debradownsouth said in Incontinence and thirst:

    1⁄2 a potato twice a day and she isn't starving

    How are you preparing the potato? I'm guessing not raw, although I enjoy a salted slice of raw potato once in a while.... are you boiling, nuking, baking... I'd consider trying this to see if I can shed some of doodles extra weight.

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