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  • @jkent - Yes they will go after the glue on wall paper .....

  • When Trouble was a puppy she tore the beautiful wall paper we have on one wall of the farmhouse kitchen. It was very old and impossible to find replacement so we cut it across at windowsill level and painted the bottom half with white gloss with a strip of beeding at the join.

    Only Basenji we have had do it. But one was enough, thank you !

  • I'm guessing your dog is attracted to the sugar in the glue. Regardless, a good firm "no" when you catch them doing it should resolve the issue. That, and finishing the repairs... there's a good chance your dog thinks you want the wallpaper to be removed and is just trying to help you. ūüėČ

  • @elbrant said in Wallpaper Stripping:

    there's a good chance your dog thinks you want the wallpaper to be removed and is just trying to help

    How true that is, almost whatever you are doing ! I never let a dog see me planting anything in the garden. They watch me digging a hole and bingo ! as soon as I am elsewhere, that plant or shrub is up out of the ground and the hole is widened and deepened. Otherwise they don't dig (thankfully) - only if they've watched me doing it.

    One year I sowed a long row of peas, watched closely by Shani. Next day I found a whole pile of peas she had unearthed and piled up at the end of the row.

    My vegetable garden is fenced around with chain link now and there are three gates to allow me in since generations of Basenjis have watched me harvest - say - Brussels Sprouts - or sweet corn. Ever helpful they go and pick things for themselves. No longer. The loose-strung chain link keeps my vegetables safe from marauding little helpers.

  • @zande I am so very sorry, but this made me read it to my husband, and both LAUGHED!!!!!!
    Out yard is big enough that we put in a privacy fence around the back 3/4, and anytime the dogs are in front (where all the GOOD plants are) they are on leash.

    Again, I'm so sorry for laughing

  • @rugosab Please - never apologise for laughing at the antics of Basenjis ! (unless they are being really bad in which case it would be unwise
    ūüĎé )

    I have photos somewhere of a litter of puppies stripping the sprouts from the stems while their mother ate next year's fruiting wood from a cherished tayberry. I laughed at the puppies and then hoped they wouldn't go away while I fetched a camera.

    I bought new tayberry plants and invested in a large fruit cage for all my soft fruit.

    WHY am I getting a new puppy in two weeks time ?

  • @jkent - When I first got my Basenjis back in 1991, they had access to the backyard with a doggy door and their very large crate was in the laundry room... that room had wall paper but no baseboards... LOL, stripping the wall paper was a treat for them... NOT... but it was their room so be it.... we did get baseboard after that

  • Luckily the wallpaper is very old and needs replacing, so I let her have some fun. Will be painting it next time!

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