Madhava of Sangamagrama and Shridar Achara

Madhava, the monochrome basenji, 5 year old male from portland, oregon. His name sake was a 12th century indian mathematician who developed "taylor series". The tri is a 10 year old female from portland, oregon. Her name sake was a 6th century indian mathematician who developed the quadratic equation.

I love the historical significance of the names of your basenjis. I’d love to see a full view photo of your basenjis! They are hidden under the covers which I know they love to do! 🐾❤

On the left is Shankara Naryana (RIP 2004? to 2020 [BRAT adoption from a nebraska puppy mill]). His namesake was an 8th century indian mathematician who advocated the use of the hindu-arabic numbering system, developed base 10 and zero as a place holder. The numbers we use today (1 thru 10 or 0 thru 9; however you want to look at it).


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You have two beautiful sweet Basenjis. Thanks for sharing!

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