• Here are some pictures of our Jenny. She is about 18 months old.
    I will add some of her and her buddies later today.


  • Here are - left to right - Zack, Jenny and Benny. Rat Terrier, Basenji, Jack Russell Terrier.
    The boys stayed with us this weekend, and showed me what a well behaved dog we have with Jenny - they were wild and Benny knows NOTHING in the way of obedience, while Jenny is a good sitter and often just watched as they chased each other around.


  • Great pics. Your girl is beautiful.

  • Great photos. You can really see Jenny's personality.

  • How sweet!! They are all very cute ūüôā

  • That is a very complimentary pack you have! How proud you must be of them all. I love the clownish pic - typical basenji slouch.

  • Very sweet‚Ķgreat photos. Funny how you can see all three breeds in a row and note the differences. We all should print this out when people are confused about the breed. B-Boy, can you photoshop a Shib-Inu into this picture (LOL)!!

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