Jenny (867-5309)

Here are some pictures of our Jenny. She is about 18 months old.
I will add some of her and her buddies later today.


Here are - left to right - Zack, Jenny and Benny. Rat Terrier, Basenji, Jack Russell Terrier.
The boys stayed with us this weekend, and showed me what a well behaved dog we have with Jenny - they were wild and Benny knows NOTHING in the way of obedience, while Jenny is a good sitter and often just watched as they chased each other around.


Great pics. Your girl is beautiful.

Great photos. You can really see Jenny's personality.

How sweet!! They are all very cute 🙂

Basenji Mix

That is a very complimentary pack you have! How proud you must be of them all. I love the clownish pic - typical basenji slouch.

Very sweet…great photos. Funny how you can see all three breeds in a row and note the differences. We all should print this out when people are confused about the breed. B-Boy, can you photoshop a Shib-Inu into this picture (LOL)!!

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