Best Airline to Travel with Basenji

@annblackwood - I have always used the large with no problem on American. Note that since American lets you have two pups to a sherpa so large is a must.....for one or two

Looks like I've been scammed by this guy
He flaked on having pup transported and was a no-show when I traveled to pick her up. Met the pup and the guy in person initially but he's probably sold the dog a few times now.

@annblackwood - sorry to hear...

Have you tried breeders on the West Coast? Sounds like you are from the West Coast?

@tanza hi not yet. This connection happened by chance -- I met the dog and the person with the dog because he was walking the pup's mom in California and didn't understand at first that he was based on the east coast. I'd be interested in reputable breeders in California. thanks!

@annblackwood - You can search for breeders by state at While we have not for sure decided to have a litter for 2019, we are considering. You can visit our website, link below. By the way, you will find that all responsible breeders know each other, so be wary if a breeder tells you they are not or do not know of a person. And always check out health information for yourself along with pedigree. Here is also a link to find/screen breeders.

@tanza Thanks. I'd love to know about an upcoming litter if that comes to fruition. I can be reached by text at 916.298.4811 or email at

If you paid with anything but cash, you may be able to file a complaint and at least get your money back.

thanks @DebraDownSouth I plan to take him to small claims. I don't want to spend any more time on this, but I also don't want others to be victimized by the same scam.

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