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Looks like I've been scammed by this guy
He flaked on having pup transported and was a no-show when I traveled to pick her up. Met the pup and the guy in person initially but he's probably sold the dog a few times now.

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Do not get one from this guy! Scammed -- flaked out on transporting dog to me, was a no-show to meet for pickup. I've meet him and the sweet pup, but he's probably sold her a few times now.

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Thanks! Has anyone carried on a Large Sherpa? The pup will be 4 months when I take her and I'm worried about whether she'll fit in a Medium carrier. Medium carriers are guaranteed accepted on American, though I'm guessing they might take a large if she'd still under the weight restriction (20 lbs) and there's room?

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Thanks everyone! Definitely will pick up a Sherpa carrier. She's riding with me in the cabin. Was supposed to receive her by cargo but felt the pup would be very distressed after such a long trip. I worry a little about going through security, since she won't know me very well yet.

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Hi -- Anyone have a reco for the best airline for traveling with a 4 month old puppy? I'll be traveling from Boston to Sacramento. Thanks!

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