I keep trying to unsubscribe from the Basenji forums email list and it won't let me!!!

I do not have a basenji. I have no interest in this site. I was mistakenly signed up for this email list. Now I am getting emails from this site every other day it seems, with NO way of unsubscribing. When I click on the option at the bottom of the email it leads me to a page that has no unsubscribe option. This is getting really annoying. Please advise.

You can always mark the email as spam, and hopefully won't see any more of them.

Same here. Why won't moderator unsubscribe us?


In your user settings, under "Email", you can set the digest setting to "off".

@julian yes, on the digest setting it IS set to “OFF” and I still keep getting emails from the digest. So do a lot of other people it seems (from other posts).


@KellyWiles I manually set yours to off after your original post.

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