ISO Basenji in Midwest

Does anyone know of any breeders in the midwest who is still actively breeding? I am looking for a puppy/ young basenji in Minnesota and am struggling to find one. I am more than willing to travel.

Thank you for your time.

All of my basenjis have come from Tad Brooks (Meisterhaus- KY) and Jan Kahl (Jadaka- MO). There are a lot of great breeders in the Midwest!

Go to and you can search for breeders by state

the AKC Marketplace lists a dozen or so breeders with pups (or pups coming)... not sure which would be the closest to your location. I don't know who is respectable and who isn't either... just passing the link along...

Good luck!

An excellent breeder nearby (Poynette WI) is Laura Mae Hesse (Laurel kennels)

@elbrant - I would suggest that a better choice to find a responsible breeder is to go to the parent club for the Basenji, and search by state. Anyone can advertise at AKC Marketplace and not all that are on that site are responsible breeders. Make sure to do your homework first....

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