Hiker Fred

Hi...let me introduce you to your new member - Fred, basenji stud dog from Croatia. ! 2_1509808772571_7CF80F12-54A2-44DC-B987-7DC42DFCD4D0.jpeg 1_1509808772571_9332A3BD-D9EC-40ED-B276-D7BD9831F9D4.jpeg 0_1509808772568_741F3334-1E0C-4567-9004-E434D0432E1A.jpeg

He hikes...likes the mountains0_1509809041521_B37034BD-FDAA-43C7-9959-9AAF5F134C3F.jpeg ![0_1509809017396_7361C42E-AB05-4CB4-BE88-1AC29D26EB13.jpeg](Uploading 11%)

Nice looking boy! And I love the scenery!

Beautiful dog. What are his bloodlines? How long have you had him?

He will be two years old in january.
You can see his pedigree on this link:

He is mr. Handsome and he acts like it...as all basenjis do. ❤0_1509867490663_D1C912A5-CB61-474B-951C-495A937825E5.jpeg

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