• DJ, 18 mo female has been to the vet twice in a week to express her anal glands. The vet suggested a food with " more fiber". We've had her on Taste of the Wild. She's spoiled so she gets a little of whatever we eat whenever. And a variety of treats and a little rawhide chew. So weigh in folks bf we spring for another food. She's healthy otherwise. Thanks


  • Okay... nothing wrong with her died or getting your food. You can keep her as she is, just add in fiber. And perhaps stool softeners for a bit. I actually gave my basenji liquid dissolvable fiber regularly because she would refuse to potty if it rained and ended up with anal gland rupture. But you can add in green beans, ground carrots or other veggies, even fibrous treats.

    However, I can't say enough negative about rawhide. Please throw them away. Although it has been almost 35 years, I am still distressed when I remember watching a dog choke to death on one, with 4 adults trying to hold the dog down to get it out of its mouth, the kennel owner getting chewed up horribly in the process, the terrible death.

    Saved from old post:

    1. Pet Health Info
      FROM: Seaside Animal Care was recently awarded the 1999 National Practice of Excellence Award (click here for details) from Veterinary Medical Publishing and an educational grant from Pfizer. We are one of just over 50 practices ever to receive this honor!

    WE DO NOT RECOMMEND GIVING YOUR PETS RAWHIDE CHEWS. They expand when wet and are the number one cause of intestinal obstruction at our hospital. They are poorly effective at
    "cleaning the teeth". Instead, we recommend chew-safe toys such as Nylabone® and Kong® products. Contact the hospital for additional information when selecting safe chew-toys for
    your loved one.<<

    While I find it LUDICROUS that they first state they are harmless then say they have seen it ALL, this does indeed support that they are not uncommon as you indicate:
    2. From the
    AAHA: American Animal Hospital Association
    Miscellaneous Pet Care: Are raw hide chews safe?
    Rawhide chews are pretty harmless. The problems come when they swallow them whole. They either choke on them, or the rawhide balls up in the stomach and causes gastritis or blockage. We've seen it all. Moderation is the key. One every once in a while is OK, but they shouldn't be included as a regular toy or part of the diet. In addition it's usually best to supervise or at least be nearby when your pet is chewing on any toy. <<

    1. Diet - Treats and Snacks
      It is interesting to me that a number of veterinarians I have spoken with do say that they have seen problems associated with these toys. Their experience differs from mine. I practice in a rural area and sometimes I think that I just don't have enough patients to see all the problems that vets who practice in more
      crowded areas do. <<

    2. OMG, they sell it yet their vets admit it is dangerous!!!
      Acme Pet - Pet Health Questions Ask Acme Pet'sExperts

    Q. I have a one year old mix JRT, she is a great dog. But the problem I have with her is that, whenever I give her a chewy like those basted sticks. I have to watch her because she will make it all soft, not bite a piece and eat it. She makes it soft and swallows half while she is still chewing the other end. She has almost choked on me twice. This happens with the square chewees too.

    A. I would suggest you not give them to her anymore. Many dogs die of intestinal obstruction each year due to rawhide. Find something else, which is safer, to give her.<<

    1. petcare
      Okay, this is a petstore, not a vet but thought their concern worth noting!

    In addition, we don't carry rawhide chews in order to assure the safest play experience for your pet. Rawhide chews, when gobbled or eaten in large quantities, can cause choking or possible obstruction in dogs. <<

    1. vet@dog - Holidays - Chocolate and other dangerous goodies
      Dr. Lucy L. Pinkston, D.V.M.

    Rawhide chews can lodge in the throat and cause choking, or a large piece may be swallowed, scraping and irritating the throat and esophagus on the way down. Once in the stomach or intestinal tract, a large piece of rawhide can also create a physical obstruction. An additional danger that is less widely known is the practice, in some countries, of using an arsenic-based preservative in the processing of rawhide toys. We recommend that, if you do purchase these products, stick to brands processed in the U.S. There has also been a recent FDA alert about the risk of Salmonella associated with dog chew products made from pork or beef-derived materials: refer to the FDA advisory or call 1-888-INFO-FDA. See below (discussion on pigs' ears) for more details.<<

    I could go on, but the bottom line is, if it is SOMETIMES, even rarely, dangerous, and it isn't NECESSARY, why do it?

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