New to Basenji breed

My wife and I rescued our 1.5 yr old from a no kill shelter this past weekend.
She has been very active since we took her home and introduced her to our Huskie mix and Schnauzer. It was touch and go at first but they seem to be getting along now. Is there anywhere we can get some training guidelines on house breaking etc.!![0_1487191548867_20170211_182829.jpg](Uploading 100%)

Hi and welcome!

House training with any dog is the same boring work... with an adult it usually takes less time than a puppy because their bladders are able to hold longer, but honestly, it is absolutely necessary to watch, leash to you, crate or outside every second until you have a dog who consistently asks to or goes outside. Every time you mess up, it prolongs training. Has training on left, behaviors such as house training on right.

Another good one:

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