• I am looking for info if anyone has used those exercise wheels for their basenji's. Was thinking of getting one for our cat and it would be great if Rickett (our B boy) could use it as well. It is slated for his weight and height but just curious. I know lots of dogs use these but have not seen anything about sight hounds using them. It sure would be great exercise if it works. Was just hoping for any input. PS, don't slam me I am looking for honest input.

  • Not sure what is slammable. I have seen video's of even giant breeds in them! If you can get your dog to do it, I think it is great and hope you post a picture! These dogs sure seem to have fun! Not hounds, but why not?



  • If you can motivate him to use it I say go for it..

  • @colemangirly After watching those 2 videos.....I say "Why not?" That one on the bottom was just 100% awesome! He knew how to start it & had to work a bit harder to stop it but he did it!! If you find one & get your dog to do that, I hope you can take a video of it & post it on here!! I'd love to see it!!

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