• Nissa is alright w/ my kids. but she is not a pure bred. She has also only been with our family for a few days. My kids ages are 7, 3 1/2, 2 1/2 and 16 months. She tends to get frightened and climb up me like a cat. I have scratches all over my arms and legs from her.

    My kids are young and I know that they have to learn just like she does to get used to having a puppy and also her getting used to being around kids too.

    Any ideas on how to make this easier. I have tried a few things, like one on one sessions w/ each child in an area where she feels secure and if she wants to be left alone then she can walk away. But my kids who are 3 and 2 just don't understand that they have to be slow, quiet and not chase her. She does occasionally come up to them and lick them or let them pet her but she generally runs from them and tries to hide.

    Thanks for any info!

  • Kim, I hope you take this post with the kindness I post it to you.
    You have a lot of young children.
    A puppy is like adding another to your family.
    If your pup is climbing on you, she is trying to tell you she needs to GET away from all this attention.
    You need to have a safe area for your puppy to go to that YOUR children know its off limits.
    With the young age you have, I am not sure its possible.
    I am very interested in hearing from others with better solutions.
    But I am thinking you dog is trying to get away…
    I have found that dogs who try to get away and can't often move to the next level which is nipping.
    NO one wants that.
    Your friend believe it or not ...

  • My thoughts:

    Do you have a child gate that you can put up, say across the kitchen door, and leave the puppy in there until she gets accustomed to being in the home?
    I'd wait a day or two, then when you can be in the room to watch the younger kids, let the puppy come into a room where the family is gathered for short periods, but have no one pay attention to the puppy. Let her decide when she is ready to investigate them. When she is prepared, hold the little ones' hands while they pet her, and emphasize, "See how gently we pet the puppy." If they show any signs of wanting to playfully hit or squeeze the pup, the pup should be removed and the children told, "Uh oh. If you are not gentle, we cannot have the puppy out"
    Once she learns that they won't hurt her, she will probably loosen up with them.

    If she is that afraid of them, this may be a long process. And she may never be comfortable with other children, even after she learns to love yours.

    Just my .02

  • The suggestions already posted are great. The puppy really needs a safe place to spend time away from the children. My son is 2.5 also, so I understand how frustrating it can be. But he understands that he is to be gentle with the dogs (of course our youngest dog is 1.5 right now, so they have always been part of his life); although, just because he understands that it is a rule to be gentle, he doesn't always do it. Luckily, our dogs have become very tolerant of him, very quickly. But I always follow through with a consequence for being rough with the dogs; and he must apologize to the dog. He has never actually hurt one, but I don't allow him to push, poke, or tease them. I also make sure he is involved with giving them treats, and he is at the point now where he can ask that they sit, or get off (back up)….not that they always do it 😉

    I think the most important thing for you now, is to let your puppy get comfortable in your home. It may be overwhelming for her to have all these changes at once.

    good luck!

  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    We already have her gated off in the kitchen and her bed is out of site of the children there is no way they can see her if she wants to lay down, this way they do not bother her.

    I also put her back into the kitchen when she starts climbing on me. I kinda figured that she is trying to get away from the "attention".

    So far I have done every suggestion you all have given me, b4 I have asked the question, so I guess I am doing a pretty good job so far.

    Today I took her out to play w/ the kids and her and my 3 year old were having a ball until they both slipped on the hardwood floor and he kinda tumbled over her and scared her a bit, but I immediately tended to them both and both were fine. I did put her back into the kitchen though as to give her a break and she went and took a nap.

    One of the reasons we got her is because my oldest son has Leukemia and we got her as a sort of therapy, as ppl say dogs can be good for the sick. I cannot remember the last time he has been this happy since his diagnosis last March. He is on cloud 9 when he is with her. He aslo gets alone time w/ her when the younger 3 go to bed. And they are both in heaven, since he is 7 and understands how to handle a puppy and all. She loves to kiss him and cuddle with him also.

    Thanks again for all the suggestions!


  • I would love to see a picture of your basenji mix. My is a mix also. Basenji and Whippet. I put her picture on the show off your basenji page.

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