Shaking and shivering

I've noticed a strange behavior in the past couple of month, where when I come home from work or guests comes over to the house Chance starts shivering. I can link this to excitement, anxiety and sometimes cold weather. Anyone has experienced same with their older basenji and got any tips to stop the behavior other than sitting with him and petting him or distracting with a treat or a game? Chance is 8 now.

Alex, the first thing I would do immediately-- if you haven't done one recently-- is get a full thyroid panel. At 8, he's not that old I don't think for fat loss/cold to be the issue. But thyroid can mess with everything from behaviors to handling heat or cold. Obviously he isn't anxious about you, but new shivering sounds strange. For guests... have you tried a thundershirt? It's one way to comfort without you actively assuring him -- which can in turn assure him he is RIGHT to be concerned. There is a lot of research behind them, btw. Really interesting starting with a scientist who has autism and developed the squeeze shoots for cattle to calm them because squeezing calmed HER. And she was right, it works very often.

@DebraDownSouth Chance just had a full panel done a week ago, everything is good. Thudershirt is what we use and it does work. Having said that, he has been on seizure medication (zonisomide and keppra) for over a year now, so that is maybe having a side effect.


Oh gosh, Alex, yeah could be the meds. 😞 Do you belong to any of the canine seizure groups? They might be much more helpful.

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