• So it seems our sweet Bria girl is at the vet every other month; however, this time is a little more serious. For the past few days she has been drinking excessive amounts of water which results in excessive urination (all day and ALL night long). Her eating habits and energy level have remained the same. A few days ago, I used a test strip to test her urine for glucose which displayed a negative result. After another long night of letting her out and watching her beg for more water (almost 4 cups a day, more if she has the chance), I decided to take her to the vet. Her urinalysis result was normal, aside from low specific gravity (1.007), likely due to being diluted from all the water. Her blood test results showed low platelets and the vet doesn't seem to have any idea of what this could be. She is only 2 and a half years old, so I realize this could be very early fanconi, but can anyone else relate or provide recommendations of what our next steps should be? (Or at least give me ideas of how to get her to sleep through the night instead of begging for more water? At this time she has only had one accident in the middle of the night… probably because I was so tired I didn't hear her pawing at the door.)

    --As a side note, the only change we've noticed in behavior is more hunting. I believe we have moles and she is often outside "on the prowl", which we have never seen her do before. I also witnessed her consuming rabbit feces a few times, but do not think that could be the cause of excessive thirst. The vet doesn't believe this could change her drinking habits, but I wondering if maybe it could have something to do with hormones?

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