• Like a B mom doesn't have enough to deal with in the morning…running, feeding, potty time, and of course getting ready for work....

    NOT THIS MORNING!! After our morning run we went into the fenced in tennis court to do some training & a little play time for about 10 minutes. Somebody is walking his dog on the side walk near the park and C3PO decided he was going to go BONKERS because of the dog :eek: :eek: :eek:

    He pushed through the closed gate of the tennis court & squeezed himself free. I went into panic mode!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: He paid no attention to me at all. I had Topaz on her leash quick & dashed out to chase him. He ran up & down the park fence like a crazed animal...and me behind him trying to catch him! The dog & owner still on the other side of the park fence on the sidewalk. The owner still on the side walk with his dog trying to calm down C3PO for me so I can catch him...I wrestled him down to the ground & squirmed away again but NOOOOOOOO instead C3PO found a whole in the fence & runs out into the street and gets to the dog on the sidewalk (nothing happened) but still running around CRAZED & DERAINGED (sp?) I was practically in tears begging him to come to me.:o :o

    The poor guy finally got him & his down down on the floor & C3PO came close enough to them so that I could grab him & wrestle him to the ground. OH MY NERVES, MY HEART, MY SANITY.....

    FREEE basenji boy available :mad: will ship with a year supply of food!! energetic boy will keep you well exercised and your heart rate well elevated! 🙂

  • That's funny. I can picture you and myself doing this. Hey extra 500 calories burned for the time..just in time for summer. Gotto look at the brighter side or we would all be BONKERS!!! I love these stories, reminds me I'm not alone. HAHAHA

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