• Hey everybody!

    I just picked up my 16 week old pup today. His coat is tricolor and his name is Oliver Lee.
    He was shy when we first came home, and it took him a couple minutes to leave his cage. I tried taking him out for a walk around the block but he didn't want to walk at all, probably still nervous from the trip and confused from all the new impressions. When a yorkie pup walked by he took a couple steps back in fear, even though the other dog was less than half his size..lol

    I'm Swedish but I currently live in Sao Paulo. We live right next to a big park where there's a lot of dogs all the time. I hope he does fine tomorrow when we go explore 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum! Not sure why your post didn't come up as a new post, but normally this is an friendly bunch. I hope my response kicks it into new posts.

    I really hope that you take more time to get the pup used to you and the new home before pushing other dogs at him. Let him become confident in YOU before you ask him to be okay in strange situations.

  • Welcome to the forum! I hope you are enjoying your pup.

  • welcome - and we need pics. not all of us have a baby b right now and we need a fix. okay, i need a baby b fix, so please post a pic. 🙂

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