Pilots stash of stolen items

So im reading about basenjis right? i read that they like to steal your personal belongings and hide them right? so pilot would always go into this room, i always thought it was part of the sun that he liked to sun bathe in, so today i follow him this time and its neat a bed, but the mattress is shovedd under the bed right? but a little of it is sticking out, so theres like a little crevice that he went in, i looked in and saw chewed pencils, socks pens and all sorts of items pilot stole kinda funny in a way

You are lucky your basenji just steals them, mine eats them if we are not watching! I am afraid she will someday kill herself by eating something she shouldn't. I try my best to keep things away from her, but sometimes she surprises me and finds something I didn't even know was there. A basenji is definitely helping me to be a cleaner person thats for sure!

I always tell people that I have placed puppies with, if nothing else you, your husband/wife and/or kids will learn to pick up after themselves if they value their "stuff"…

That is funny! My B just seems to hide this one kind of bone that I give him every time I leave for any long period of time… I don't think he knows that I want him to be occupied while I am gone! haha He waits until I get home and then crawls under my bed and gets his bone to chew on!!!!:)

Dash does the same thing. He doesn't seem to have a stash that we have found but he does love his stoled treasures.

LOL…my B hides her rawhide chew everyday...she doesn't chew on it just hides it...what is she waiting for?? I have a bag full of them for her...silly girl.

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