Special tricks for potty???

i just got my puppy yesterday, so i decided to buy a "pee stake" (a small spike you hammer in the ground to make you puppy use the bathroom) this didn't work, he saw this as a new toy to chew on :mad: … has anyone had any expirience on these? did it work?😕

I have never used one (and not really heard of it either) and think that all things like that are just a gimmick to get people to spend money.

I just give my puppies a tiny cookie and LOTS of "good potty!!" praise for going in the right place.

A quick, "NO", and move them to the right spot if I catch 'em going elsewhere.
A quick and quiet clean-up if I find it after the fact.

No gimmicks, no props, no money spent.
Hmmm, a lot like potty training my kids. . . except they didn't get a cookie, LOL.

I did the same as jazzysmom. Except I gave my son a treat too!:p

I have never heard of a pee stake.

I wanted to add that you can only discipline them if you catch them in the act. So never leave him out of your sight.

I've seen the "Pee Stick" and even considered purchasing one but decided in the end not to.
Honestly, Our B pees in the same spot all the time. He has a routine. He has to poop in this one spot and then run to this other spot to pee.

thanks so much for the help!!

We are training our new puppy and it reminded me of somehting I did somewhat by accident with our other 2 dogs. When we wer etrying to get them to go, we always give them a treat. At some point of frustration, I tried to get their attention and let them know we had a treat by shaking th etreat jar. Eventually, they associated the shaking sound with going potty, so with the new puppy, I started shaking the jar every time she was actually going. After just 10 days, I can shake the jar and it gets her attention and makes her pee usually, even when she is distracted and walking all around.

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