Four basenji puppies available in Wilmington il

I met a breeder that I know that has four basenji puppies available three boys and a girl?

They are four months old. Three black and white and one red

I can give you her contact info. She is a known breeder in the area, but not really on the internet. I told her I would post for her on here, which she was ok with.

Very sweet dogs.

She is going to be at the Grayslake basenji meet next weekend. If you are serious you could meet her and the pups there.

She is certified by the AKC as a reputable breeder.

Who is this breeder? If you care to share… health testing?


She is certified by the AKC as a reputable breeder.

Meaning what? Are they an AKC breeder of merit? Care to share the name?

Karen at Dakar basenjis, she is good friends with Karla at new world basenjis, you can ask Karla about Karen if anyone likes.
We helped both of them out today at the show

Great, thanks for sharing!

Went to the show at Greyslake today. Brand new fair grounds with every breeder in the area showing. Wow talk about competitive. There were so many great looking dogs. Almost all the dogs acted up at some point in the ring. Great show to see basenjis and meet the breeders previously discussed and a lot of others who I do not know as well, but are in the loop.

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