Haven't been on here in awhile, figured I would check in and post a few pictures of Loki, now 2 years old.

LOL I guess the cats failed to explain that was THEIR perch not his? LOL cute pictures.

In our house, the cats and dogs all act interchangeably, Bitty, our little girl B can uaually be found in the cat igloo on chilly days, and our grey tabby, Sassy, is quite often found sleeping in one of the B's beds on the futon.

Very pretty 🙂

Love the dog tree photos, how nice that your cats and dogs share their spots, Kaiser and our cat will share the morning sun space together but otherwise cat will demand his space if dog gets too pushy.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Too cute…. wish my Zsa Zsa would be like that with our cats... They are still segragated by a gate she is only 9.5 months old.

Very pretty. Quite normal taking over the cat tree too. PS I adore your cats!!!

Ah yes, cats and dogs sharing… but sometimes not so much.
Somebody sent me this yesterday, funny, and on the "sharing" topic...

Loved the video, those cats just don't give up easy, gotta feel for the dogs.

Jolanda and Kaiser

That is hilarious, basenji thinking it's a cat….

Oh I love the black B's!

We kind of want a cat but she'd have no where to go to escape from my B because she's half-cat herself!

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