Khamau, beautiful 7,5 y. old male, looking for home (Netherlands)
He is the sire of our Lela and Binti and a beauty. Well mannered. Unspayed.

Khamau using Indra (Bordeaux dog) for a recliner
Khamau (right) with Indra and our Binti

Please mail to contacts or friends in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

Khamau has found a home.. With me!!

He was in poor shape when I got him. A shelter put him in a muddy fenced place, ones a day he got some food. The rest of the day he didn't see people.

Now, at the moment.. He is lying next to me on the couch, snorring!

Geweldig! Als je het leuk vindt, kunnen we een keertje samenkomen. Wij zouden het heel leuk vinden om Khamau weer eens te zien.
Laat maar weten op en 0299601313. Kees-Jan

Glad he has found a home, so sad he was neglected for a time, how did that happen? If for whatever reason we can't keep Kaiser he is to go back to his breeder and be rehomed by her.

Jolanda and Kaiser

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