• I thought some of you might enjoy this little clip taken this morning of my Paya (AKC registered basenji : Lukuru na Liboso Mopaya) watching the Oscar nominated short film - "Adam and Dog" (film by Minkyu Lee).

    I'm sharing my video because I think it is sort of ironic that my girl Paya (6 years old) appears to be totally engrossed in this little video.

    I won't even begin to go into all the things that are wrong with this depiction of the "first dog."

    But my Paya, who was born in the very heart of the Congo, seemed to be rather perplexed by the new theory of dog domestication.


  • How cool to have a Basenji born in it's origin country, you are very lucky.

  • Very cute Jo. Love the head tilts, they always look so involved when something catches their interest.

  • First Basenji's

    Ohhh, there's nothing wrong with this depiction of the "first dog." It's a fantasy, and a beautifully rendered one at that. 🙂 Having seen all the entries, I'm really hoping this takes the Oscar for best animated short film this year. fingers crossed

    The video was great too! You should send it to the animators. 🙂

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