Lovesick Basenjigirl


Our girl Yulara Pondu has just finished her season. On day 17 she met a handsome male Fox Terrier and tried to tease him. The (off-leash running) Fox Terrier thought she was very sexy and if I would not have interrupted them, we would now expect Fox-Senji. But Pondu was very dissapointed and cried and whined for her "only (??) true love".
Poor girl!
Listen to her lovesong on video (sorry for poor video-quality, primarily it's about the sound).

Oh dear, poor little girl. What a lethal combination (Fox Terrier/Basenji!!!!).

First Basenji's

What a good singer lol! Shes beautiful!

Very lovely voice, but why was she out when in heat? Do you plan to breed her? If not, spaying makes life much easier.

FoxSenji.. or Senoxes. 🙂

@DebraDownSouth: we plan to breed her next year…

I watched the video and Cairo woke up. His head was on a swivel, guess he though he had company. Pretty girl you got there.

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