• It's hard for me to tell if she's a purebred, but perhaps someone can help? This ad sounds desperate:


    Found: Basenji, S. Westmoreland ave (stray at pacc)
    Date: 2012-08-17, 5:03PM MST
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    Animal ID: A397386
    Location Found: 150 S. westmoreland
    Gender: FEMALE
    Breed: basenji
    Admitted: 08/17/2012

    THE SHELTER IS FULL!! PLEASE go to the address below to claim your dogs. They may not find homes and may not survive. Found animals are held 3 days for their owner to claim them. If you want to adopt, these dogs will be available after the 3rd day. Go to the address below to adopt, foster, or rescue.

    Use ID number above to claim or adopt.

    4000 N. Silverbell Rd.
    Tucson, AZ 85745
    (520) 243-5900

    To view all of the stray intakes at PACC go to http://www.paccintake.pima.gov/BinaryData/IntakeList.aspx?Species=Dog&fb_source=message

  • This is a female not a male! Can anyone correct the title?


  • @dcmclcm4:

    This is a female not a male! Can anyone correct the title?


    Fixed it, thank you Jennifer! I hope this dog is reunited with her family!

  • There is a volunteer Facebook page for the shelter and it is PACC Pets Need You. I am hoping that she will be posted there and perhaps someone can get a better picture or will at least state her weight.


  • BRAT is aware that this girl is there. Someone is going in tomorrow and will pull her if she's purebred.

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