WANTED: Red/White Basenji female over 1 year.

  • Hi,
    I'm new to this forum, and would love to find others in the San Diego area passionate about Basenjis to share experiences and stories.

    I am a disabled veteran living in the North County, San Diego area. I have a red/white male, and until recently had a red/white female. My female passed away (old age), and now I'm looking for another female. I have a vary Basenji savy family, who loves the breed. We've raised two since pups. We're looking for a young adult female as a companion, and therapy dog for me. My male was given to me by a breeder because he didn't have the temperment for the show ring. He's an amazing boy, and I've loved him since puppyhood (he's now 7). I am on a veteran's dissability pension, and want to give a wonderful female a loving home. I do not plan to breed or show; just to provide lots of love, and a wonderful suburban environment with a solid fenced yard (know all about the escape artist traits).

    If anyone knows of a young spayed red and white female that is looking for a forever home, I have one waiting.

    Thank You 🙂

  • Hi Mona!!

    Wow, time flies… I think about that little red boy running around with Amina...now she (and he) will be turning 8 this year - they're Veterans! How can that be? Well, I'm a Veteran too, now, LOL. They have Jr Showmanship, I think they should have Senior Citizen Showmanship.

    We are in TX now, but message me on here or e-mail me (if you don't still have our e-mail address, it's on the BCOA website and the SCBF website). I might have a couple of people for you to contact! Check with Karen Jones also at Medfly Rescue.

    Terry and Bob

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