Brindle intact male found- Cincinnati

  • Intact young male brindle basenji found in Cincinnati 7/20. Pleasant Ridge area. No chip.

  • There was a lost Basenji in the Cincinnati area listed a long time ago, possibly 9 months, and I am certain it was a male but cannot recall the color. I will try to find the listing. Do you know who has him-is he at a shelter or being held at a private residence? I am in the Dayton, OH area.

    I will be posting the ad to the BBR YahooGroups. Is there anyway to get a picture of him?


  • He is safe at my house. He is very socialized and gets along with my basenjis.

  • Holly, I did not know that was you from your posting until Karla told me on the BBR. I have not been coursing or going to dog shows lately due to health problems. I am glad he is in an experienced B home and good to know that he gets along with other Bs-makes life easier!


  • I am not sure what happened but my message posted twice!


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