• We arrived in NY this afternoon to a nice light rain, I think its the first time we have seen rain since May. We stopped enroute to run LGRa with two of our forum friends Holly and Carrie. The pups had a great time and this weekend Trog will get to course in Starkville with his mom and cousins
    This is a family vacation for all

  • Envious!

    I would love to visit New York, especially during this time of the year - I'd get some U.S. Open (tennis) tickets.

    Have a great vacation!

  • Oh have a great time!

  • Over the weekend we competed in the Iron Dog ASFA trial with forum member Kirsten and Ariel. Our girls did excellent, both picked up their last placement. Sat tempest earned BOB, and Sun Ariel won the stake, we left for home before breed runoffs so did not hear I she or Searaha took BOB. Trog enjoyed running with his family as Susan and karen came to the trial Sat with the entire Apu paw pack. Great entry of 12 that day.

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