• Really happy to see how well Jenga is doing with me and the horses on the trail. He has stuck right with us through some interesting distractions including other dogs. Yesterday he went with just me and my horse and he enjoyed being "the leader". He still rides up in the saddle with me but is now doing 2-3 kilometers on his own 4 paws. I must admit I can't believe how fast the little guy is. He kept up with us during a short gallop and really had a good time. Go Jenga!

  • That's great to hear! Be prepared for him to get a bit more independent as he grows older and thinks he knows everything. He may feel secure enough to venture further on his own, at which point a good strategy is to let him find out you can outrun him on your horse. That may make him feel he needs to keep closer to you. It worked for me with my first bitch. She stuck a lot closer after I let her know I was fast enough to lose her if she didn't! 🙂

  • That sounds like so much fun! Oakley is now 16 months and starting to test the waters more when hiking…you can blatantly tell its because he's more confident..but I must say he's more reliable than I thought he would ever be. So eeefarm has good advice, they certainly get bolder! Although it'd be hard for a basenji to not want to follow a horse, at least for oak it would be- always wants to be with the his mom and gravitates to horses and cows ( I'm guessing it's the poop!)
    Pics of your horse/B. adventures out??

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