• Hello, I just got a basenji a couple days ago and thought it would be neat to look around on here and see how everyone else is doing! Mine is actually a basenji mix - mostly basenji with a border collie grandparent I believe. He is 7 months old as of yesterday and his name is Tyson. He is currently my only dog….hopefully not for long!

  • Welcome to the forum. Would love to see pictures of you new family member. Being that he has a border collie in his line does he bark?

  • sure, i'll attach some when I get home. I heard him bark ONCE and after he did it he gave the weirdest look like he didn't know what just came out of him. Other than that he's fairly silent, he whines when i don't want to play fetch constantly…and today I heard his first "baroo" when I was leaving for work. He also made a really strange noise which some other people say is "talking" - don't know how to describe it.

  • LOL Jennifer so along with pics, you need to video the noises for us! Welcome and congrats on your new family member!

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