• Thank you to all of you that have expressed your sympathy and support since we posted that our dear Ella was hit by a car and had to have a leg amputated two weeks ago. I am sure it is no suprise to most of you that our love and admiration for our Basenji is even greater now than ever before. SHe had her stiches out on Monday and is recovering amazingly well and is shining example to live in the moment. There is regret and sadness and every other emotion on our part, but for her part, she is just is bringing her usual love, humor and energy to our lives.

    She looks a bit sad in these pictures, but don't be fooled. She was just sleepy. And yes, she tucked herself underneath the covers.

  • She will be just fine! I am looking forward to seeing action pictures when she is fully recovered. In my experience, three legged dogs get around amazingly well. There was a three legged male, medium sized dog in our neighbourhood when I was growing up…...back in the day when many people let their dogs run.......and we were surprised by how well he could balance on two legs to pee (he was missing a foreleg). And by his obvious caution around cars he had definitely learned from his mistake, something I doubt most Basenjis would do. 🙂

  • Ella is a precious girl 🙂

  • Ella is a super trooper!

  • She looks like she hasn't skipped a beat, right back to normal.

    I believe this is what makes canines wonderful companions. They teach us how to live in the moment.

    Of course you haven't realized (yet), she can and will use this to her advantage. When she gets into trouble (as all B's tend to), you will simply be happy for her acting like a regular Basenji, ignoring the fact she's done something wrong. 🙂

  • So glad it was a back leg; other than jumping and climbing stairs, they seem to move better with 2 fronts and 1 back, than the other way around. I predict a lovely life for her with lots of love from her loving humans!

  • She looks great. I'm sure there'll be no problem for her to adapt.

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