Hello from the cheese state of Wisconsin

My name is Tessa and I live in Wisconsin. This is my first time owning a basenji. His name is Diesel and just turned a year old in may. .

I'm not sure as of what to say
Just ask

Enjoy & welcome to the world of having a Basenji in your life. Any photos of Diesel?
Milwaukee here it's nice summer has come to Wisconisin. Are you a Brewers fan

Welcome Tessa and Diesel.
We have a great, active group in Wisconsin called BCOSW. Look us up at BCOSW.org.
Where is Diesel from? A lot of us are related by our basenjis.


Hi Tessa,

What part of the state are you in? Like Nicole mentioned, BCOSW is reasonably active and we have some events coming up in May and June. If Diesel is a year old, he is old enough to try lure coursing or racing.


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Welcome from a fellow Wisconsinite πŸ˜ƒ

Where in the land of cheese and beer are you located?

Welcome to the Forum. I'm interested as to why Wisconsin is called the Cheese State?

Wisconsin is a dairy state… Lots of cattle here and we produce a lot of cheese. The state is famous for it πŸ™‚

Just like Iowa the state which is know for growing lots of corn. πŸ˜ƒ

Eau Claire, WI. His pictures are on my page

Welcome also! I'm just East a bit from you. In Jan I picked up a "B" mix from the Dunn County human society as a companion for my "B". Hope you find your's as enjoyable as most of us do. Sure adds a bit of "spark' to everyday living.

Thank you, Moth. It's amazing what we can learn by belonging to this forum!!

Welcome from a fellow cheese head. Where did you get you're B from. I live close to the Madison area.

Hi πŸ™‚

Our boy Watson is from Laurel Basenjis in Poynette, WI. Are you active with the Basenji Club of Southeastern WI?

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