• Every day Jake and I go for a hike in the Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver. I've gotten to know a few regulars and for months now I've been hearing stories about the "other basenji" in the park. With over 30 miles of trails and countless twists and turns, I figured the odds of ever meeting the dog were pretty low. Well, today was our lucky day because when we came around a bend, there was a large group of dogs milling about with a little red and white basenji right in the middle of things. I had never seen another basenji before so I was super excited! When the owner saw us he laughed and said "That must be Jake! I've heard a lot about him". It didn't take long for our basenjis to find each other and, after a careful sniff, a spirited game of tag broke out.

    We spent about 15-20 minutes together and it was so cool to see them get along. Their mannerisms were so similar…from their playfulness and sense of pride, to the fact that both of them completely ignored us, it was a nice reminder that I'm not the only one crazy enough to own a basenji. 😉

  • How very kewl! You should set up play dates! 🙂

  • Finding another basenji to play with is like finding a pearl in an oyster, an unexpected wonderful surprise! So glad you finally connected.

  • I read your blog and find it kind of confusing and ….. your comment about "messing with ..." hmmmmmmm....

    Anyhow, yes, it is so cool when you come across another basenji, because they totally understand each other and how they want to play. We were fortunate once to have another basenji play chase with Kipawa at a dog park. I just don't think there are many basenjis in the Lower Mainland. 😞

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