• Introducing my partner JaBok. He is a little over ten years old and intact. We were both born Dec. 7 sixty years apart. He is off his feed can any one offer advice. Days later, I am sure that the problem was some bad feed someone gave me for him. He is again his usual mischievous self See my post under health issues.

    I want to add photo images but nothing seems to work. To view, friend Me on Facebook and I will grant you access, Michael McClure the one that resembles Santa Claus in a cowboy hat.

    I have had more dogs in my life than I can count. I have always appreciated them to no end but none ever captivated me the way JaBok has. I find myself amazed that I am so stupid about him.

  • Hello to both you and JaBok, who sounds incredibly special. What a connection, being born on the same day! Great you have found the forum.

    I have posted a reply to you about his eating problem right now under your other post.

  • Welcome to the forum. I shared a birthday with my very first Basenji – 27 years apart. My parents owned her littermate so I got to celebrate many birthdays with a Basenji or 2. My girl passed away one month before her 18th birthday, healthy to the end.

  • Welcome to the forum 🙂

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