Looking for a new home for my girl
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    I have a three year old red basenji who I need to find a new home for. Due to unforseen circumstances, I am not able to give her the time she needs. I want her to go to someone who loves and understands basenji's. She is very active and very smart. She needs to be with a single person or a couple who can dedicate the proper time to her. I live in Illinois. If you know of anyone looking please contact me so I can get in touch with that person.


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  • Have you contacted BRAT? They will make sure she goes to a very good home.

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  • Have you contacted her breeder? Responsible breeders will want to know that their puppies are in need of a new home no matter the age.

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    Did you have any pictures of her at all? Or a description of what she looks like maybe

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