• The "b's" prey drive is pretty strong. If you can find a way to indulge it, they are happy dogs!!! I'm convinced it stimulates their little brains like nothing else, and is good for them if you can do it safely. Sometimes I'll take mine to a big office park on a Sunday morning, and let them run around flushing rabbits. Good thing is,the rabbits tend to stay around "their" building. They find their hole, and that's where your "b's "are with their nose in the hole.:D

  • Basenjishunt,
    I take mine to a very large office complex too next to SF Bay. The parking lots are empty and the jack rabbits sometimes run around. They have their holes in the little islands between lots. They get away there.

  • Are these office complex fully fenced in??…I'm thinking maybe I can scout one out in my area..there's gotta be one somewhere 🙂

  • Look for an office park away from big roads. The roads in, and around the park should be almost deserted on a sunday morning. Any critters are not going to break out into the open towards a distant road. They will stay around the buildings where the cover is. This is the beauty of it, The dogs run around the buildings chasing scent, or actual critters until their little tounges are dragging on the ground, and they are convinced they are great hunters!!!:D

  • LOL…I did find one of those parks as a matter of fact this past weekend. We had to go return a cable box & it was in one of these places...altho we would have to go pretty far in to stay clear of the outside roads...I wasn't the only one returning stuff to the cable company 🙂

  • When I was first letting them off leash, I would bring along some small pieces of cooked chicken. Give them a little piece to let them know you have it. Then let them off for a couple of minutes, call them, and give them a treat. Pretty soon they have one eye on you all the time. If you even move to your pocket, they'll come running. Another one I used was whenever they look back at you from a distance, call them and praised them. Looking back at you from time to time is a good thing, and should be praised….just my 2 cents:D

  • My first B, Bell (Sundance Liberty Bell) was with my dad in his orchard one day and actually chased down a deer (I wasn't there, but I recall my dad saying it was a smaller mule deer). She jumped up and caught it by the throat and hung on until she was thrown off. Repeated this a couple of times, until she overpowered the deer. I have seen some pictures of artifacts from ancient Egypt, and this is exactly what was depicted.

    Years later my second B, Jenga, went pheasant hunting with me. I was with my Brother in law at a pheasant ranch and we first hunted our field with his german shorthair. After we were done, I went back to my car and brought Jenga to the field. This was the first time I had here in a field with pheasants. She casted the field on command like a pro and flushed several pheasants that the official "bird-dog" had missed. And she had no problem with me shooting over her!

  • I don't hunt, nor does my husband, but I wish we had someone to take Hollie squirrel hunting. She is obsessed with those furry gray things and hunting would help tire her out!!

  • Take your "B" to cemetery…they always have squirrels, and are usually a nice place to walk a dog anyway.....:)

  • She is obsessed with those furry gray things and hunting would help tire her out!!

    You have to be carefull with squirrels. Our dog catches them but does not know how to kill, so he plays with them but gets bit up really bad by the squirrel.

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