I have NO additional information about this; I'm simply cross-posting from another site,The Basenji Native Traits Preservation Project :


Hi all,

I have written a few posts and had an article printed in the Basenji
about some testing we developed for hunting traits in basenjis. I had
asked for a little help with the testing and for volunteer dogs with
the testing being conducted on one or two days during the Nationals.
I received a couple of calls and well wishes for the project but
nobody has really stepped forward.

I'm fine with it if nobody is really interested; I just don't really
have the time to set this all up and not have any dogs to test. So, I
am throwing out one last request for help and dogs. Feel free to
cross post this request. If I don't get any significant response by
9/10/07 I will have to shut the testing program down for the time being.