• My angel puppy

    grew horns!!!

  • My Sahara makes messy rooms all the time, I can clean the house and she will find napkin, paper towel, kleenex and tear it up all over the carpet. She surfs the kitchen counters, trash can for anything to do the job. Since I got her there is something chewed up. broken, or taken outside via the doggie door everyday. This is Proof that I love my Basenji. you gotta love them to keep them. haha!!!!

  • What I neglected to mention was that the drawer was CLOSED! How the little bugger pulled it open is beyond me LOL!

  • lol, omg she is sooooooo lovely
    maybe she was trying to help you find something?
    wonder how they do that? fender did the same thing, only he ate some tin foil out of the pantry. i was so worried. gives a whole new meaning to "iron clad stomach"

  • Well, you better hope that she stops at drawers. Great Uncle Nicky can and does open drawers, cabinets, and used to open the refrigerator until we got the upside down kind which he can't open. Oh yeah, he has also learned to open some zippers.

  • What a pretty pup, Yodel!

    Magnum has gotten the hang of zippers, too. I consider it a good thing, mostly. Teaches my son to be responsible about his soccer equipment (oh, what a good stink that puts out, a B just can't be held responsible for any damage done! It's irresistable!).

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