• So Caesar is a 6 yr old who bounds onto our leather couch while running. That is how he gets on to the couch….through the air and his side catches the back cushion before his feet touch the seat cushion.....he is a notorious Indy Basenji and if I am sitting, he is sitting with me!

    Cairo is like the Mini Me of Caesar. Caesar digs his bed, Cairo watches and then Cairo tries to dig a bed. If Caesar is standing, Cairo is standing under him in between his legs.

    If Caesar is play growling, you betcha Cairo is showing tons of puppy gusto to be as active as Caesar.

    Last night we had what I had hoped would be a tiring walk around the neighborhood. I settled into the couch for some evening "How I Met Your Mother" and Caesar jumps up onto the couch with me. Not a second later, I can hear a thump and a puppy kind a whine that is more cutsie than needy. Cairo can stand and have 2 paws touching the top cusion but cant climb up or jump. BUT!! He wants to be just like Caesar!

    Cairo starts running at the couch and throwing himself in the air landing his side at the leg area of the couch and thudding to the ground. Oh my, it was funny. He sees what Caesar is doing and tries to immitate it! It is pretty silly and I always give him a bit of help up in the end.

    Silly boys....

  • Cute story - how adorable is Cairo! Isn't it fun to watch puppy Cairo try to be so big? That's half the fun having a puppy. Soon enough he'll be able to make the big leap. I saw Daisy jump up on my little love-seat and then plop down for a snooze. It's in my office - She and Duke usually like to be where there favorite human is . . . 😉

  • What a sweet thing! He want to be just like big brother…!

  • ha ha, yeah,…he is trying to do the Indy in the back yard too....it's funny because when Caesar does it....well, it scares Cairo, but then he tries to do a crazy circle run too

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