Hi from Jumoke

Thought I should sign-up, since I seem to be a topic of discussion.

I’ll plan to post a few discussions later this week.


Bryan and Laurie Gregory
Jumoke Basenjis
Woodinville WA

Only good things Bryan, only good things.

LOL. Definitely, only good things.

Sheesh – brings back feelings from when I was a kid, talking about a teacher and then realizing they're standing right behind you!

Oh- but as long as you're here…I'd like to meet Sharron, so next time we're at a show and she is there, can you point her out to me?

Come to the EBC specality show.
I will be. Coming Fri afternoon and staying thru sun.
Hubby is bring my 2 b's over for the blood draw on sat, so you can, hopefully, meet them as well.
It will be fun.
We will all be members of the "I have a Bryan G" dog fan club.

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