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@heidiace My first basenji was a total hellion until I realized she was intelligent and bored...after that she became a model girl as I found ways to keep her engaged, interested and praised all her progress❤ Since then I haven't had problems with my b's or my fosters, as long as I take time to keep them engaged and happy.

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I agree, the Dodo does have a tendancy to sensationalize, 'tho they do bring some pet health concerns to the attention of Facebook members who might not otherwise be plugged into the dog network. I remember reading that Dodo post myself and thinking "Meh, whatever!" UNTIL I got to the part about dog flu getting to Canada via rescued Soi dogs from asia...Lol, DONALD TRUMP could be tweeting this info and I'd still perk up my ears and do some research 'cuz IMO we really can't afford to ignore animal viruses originating in Asia...

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Hi Pawla,
While there's no harm in changing his food, I've found Earthborn in general to be a great product. Since Meadow Feast is grain free, maybe try him on a an Earthborn product that isn't grain free:--the pea/bean/lentil flour often used in grain-free dog food can be problematic for immune issues. If your budget allows, why not try him on a commercial raw diet? Turkey is an anti-inflammatory meat, and usually a more reasonably-priced choice. Try to at least stop him from licking his foot after meals during this experiment--easier said than done, I know!--since the bacterial load in his mouth might ramp up slightly after eating. In general, licking will cause infection--it may be that the rash started as an allergy then became an infection from licking, so maybe try a soft collar. I taught my BRaT boy "Leave it" because he was a nervous licker, and it actually worked, but you might need a soft collar. I've jury-rigged them from a 3-4" wide piece of stiff-ish upholstery foam held in place by the dog's collar--it stops them from bending their neck enough to lick, but is still comfortable.

That said, basenji skin rashes usually start from environmental issues. Dust/mold/mildew from central heat or air; Cleaning products used on bedding & rugs or heavily scented products spray products, off-gassing from new rugs or carpets; Even residue from baking soda or other carpet cleaners can cause a rash if not sufficiently vacuumed. Toilet bowl or shower cleaners may not be overtly toxic, but the VOC's and chemical compounds definitely weaken the immune system over time if the dog drinks from the toilet or shower. Outdoors, look at what surfaces he's walking on/through--a dog I walked at the SPCA got a rash between his toes from tough brush; Herbicides or pollen in grass could be an issue. Do you have Foxtails in your area, or did they exist near his former home? Check with your BRaT coordinator, since that could be causing his foot irritation. Maybe walk him in a set of rubber sole dog socks like Sport PAWks or Grippers to see if that helps--my b's prefer them to boots.

Finally, it may also be that stress from his previous situation eroded his immune system, which may need help getting rebooted. Raw diet will definitely help with that, and probiotics are vital: I give stressed fosters organic goat Kefir to increase their gut flora, it's like yogurt on steroids.
Organic cow milk kefir is often sold in grocery stores if you can't find a health food store that sells goat kefir. Probiotics from the vet (made by Purina) made one foster sicker, which is why I now use Kefir. It--and human grade Omega 3 supplements--are my go-to "meds" for inflammation and allergies.

Reducing cleaners etc mentioned above will also help, if you use a lot of them--I switched to homemade vinegar or lemon based spray cleaners and baking soda scrubs years ago (foster dogs teach me so much!) and haven't gone back. If you have grandkids, it's healthier for them, too.

Sorry for the epic post--I've been in your shoes and know how upsetting it is, so I wanted to share my experience. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, and thank you so much for adopting a BRaT ❤

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@joan-duszka They do love their headstands, don't they!

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The only thing is to condition her very gradually to the clippers by having them around her constantly, beside her bowl when she eats or in your hand when you give her treats etc. Then hold them in your hand while you pet her...rub them against her head or legs...rub them against her claws. This will take ages and require lots of high value treats! Once she's ok with the clippers in your hand, try 'snipping' within the vicinity of her nails, then snipping the tiniest amount off her nail while her foot is resting on the floor.
Don't forget Thundershirts have to be 'primed' to work properly ie. dogs need to wear them frequently when they aren't stressed at all, when they're content & happy etc.

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@tanza Tea Tree oil is toxic...

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@elbrant I think the post was a joke, referring to dogs RIDING bikes...basenji legs aren't long enough to reach the pedals. They can, with care, run beside a bike tho...

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@debradownsouth Good point. We're so fortunate to have both Pam and Steve Gonto to support our sick babies. Pam is indeed a miracle worker, and never gives up on dogs.

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Benign fatty tumours are called 'Lipomas'. Not entirely sure what causes them, but they've appeared in a number of my mature b's and fosters following vaccinations. When I started titring my 12 yr old male, he stopped getting them.

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